Canada’s Strongest Man Hugo Girard takes on the IKO Roofing Dynasty Demo


High winds are a shingle’s natural enemy, causing wind uplift and blow off and leaving behind problems. IKO’s Performance Shingles with ArmourZone provide tremendous fastening strength and nail pull-through resistance. Recently in Quebec, multiple time Canada and World’s Strongest man Hugo Girard stopped by the IKO booth to test the strength of a competitor’s shingle and the IKO Dynasty shingle with ArmourZone.

What’s an “ArmourZone?” It’s a 1 1/4” wide nailing surface for correct nail placement reinforced by a tear-resistant band that provides even more fastening strength over a wider surface area of the shingle. Nails applied in this area are optimally positioned to help resist nail pull-through and shingle blow-off, even in high winds.

A larger nailing zone with guidelines printed on the top helps ensure roofing crews place their nails accurately within this zone, for quick and easy installation as well as super tight fastening power. Visit today for more information