Stiletto Contest – Contest Closed

Enter to Win a STILETTO® Premium Prize Pack!

Prize value: $500+
Prize Package Includes:

  • STILETTO® 10oz TRIMBONE™ Hammer with Smooth Steel Face and Curved Handle
  • STILETTO® 7” Carpenter Square
  • Exclusive Black STILETTO® TRIMBONE™ Hoodie
  • STILETTO® Green Replacement Grip
  • STILETTO® Blue Replacement Grip
  • STILETTO® TRIMBONE™ Mallet Cap Kit

Contest Closes: January 16, 2024

Founded in 1849, STILETTO® is the leader in the premium hand tool industry. STILETTO® is synonymous with the titanium hammer of choice for thousands of building professionals around the globe. STILETTO® introduced iconic new-to-world features like the side nail puller and magnetic nail starter that have now become industry standards. They pride themselves on defining the future of hand tools by bringing breakthrough innovation and highly specialized features for carpenters, framers, and remodelers unlike anything else on the market. STILETTO® is driven to make the best hand tools in the industry.