The Ad Executive: Use VR to transform the new homebuying experience


by Linda O’Connor

Get ready for a whole new way to see, feel and touch a new home before it’s even been built.

Virtual Reality is now making it possible for people to “preview” a new home in a fully immersive 3D environment.

Now you can go into a new home sales office, put on the special VR headset and you’re right in the middle of 360-degree 3D world that lets you move from room to room in a new home or condo and fully envision all of its features and finishes.

Ryan Design International has always been on the leading edge of new technology and is now happy to provide its builders with VR services, which they can offer to their homebuying clients.

Some companies specializing in renderings/illustrations are starting to offer VR but they are technology companies and not real estate experts like the team at Ryan Design International. With a 30-year history in successfully marketing real estate, Ryan Design understands how to sell real estate, and what today’s buyers are looking for in a new homebuying experience.

VR allows you to explore a large home at your own pace and see everything yourself from any vantage point you like. This is particularly ideal for anyone interested in a custom home, allowing them to see what they’ll be getting before the shovel is even in the ground.

In a large condo, you can not only walk through the whole suite but you can look out the windows and see the actual views, as well as visualize the lobby and all of the amenity spaces. VR also helps to bring feature and finish selections alive. For example, a buyer can see changes to floor colour instantly and so much more.

From video games to a multitude of industrial applications, VR is changing the way we look at the world. And more and more it will be enriching the customer experience for today’s new home buyers.

Linda O’Connor is the CEO of Ryan Design International.