Four ingredients for pre-construction sales success



As the weather is heating up in the city, so is the real estate market. With the ever-increasing sales pace and highly competitive product offerings, developers are looking for new ways to impress potential buyers.

Understanding the importance of effective timing and immaculate product rollout, Armour Heights Developments was looking for a partner that can bring its newest project vision to life. After hearing a lot of positive buzz around NEEZO Studios, a nearby one-stop creative visualization studio with plenty of award-winning projects in the GTA and around North America, Armour Heights Developments was eager to partner with NEEZO to launch the next big name in Toronto’s luxury living – The Hill on Bayview. Along with McOuat Partnership and their unrivalled expertise in the industry, the three companies set out to create a homebuying experience that would reflect the elegance and prestige of the community while remaining modern, efficient and up-to-date with the demands of the tech-savvy consumer.

As a true one-stop-shop for all pre-construction creative marketing needs, NEEZO Studios was able to offer unparalleled benefits of speed, efficiency, and unified project vision. Immediately after kick-off, the creative team got to work at delivering the four ingredients of the perfect launch recipe:

  • Detailed photorealistic renderings
  • Creative 3D animation
  • LiveSite interactive sales and marketing software
  • And, of course, a premium scale model

It was easy to keep the project on track with all services being completed under one roof. Streamlined operations and communication channels allowed Armour Heights Developments to focus on what matters most – designing the elevated living experience in its newest modern townhomes community.


A statement-piece hero shot is one of the most powerful tools in the real estate sales arsenal. This is the first asset to be created for the project, and the one that would start the buzz shining on billboards, magazine pages and e-blasts. Along with it, the team at NEEZO Studios also created a set of exterior renderings featuring the development basking in the gentle sunset glow, bringing out the elegance and sophistication of the architectural design. Finally, the interior shots highlight the features and finishes of each unit, illustrate the functionality of the modern spaces and allow buyers to immerse themselves in the community lifestyle.

Creative 3D animation

Nothing can tell the full story of the project like a well-crafted animation video, offering a first-person walking tour of the property. The team at NEEZO Studios was able to conjure up an enthralling 90-second clip showing the viewer exactly what it could be like to live in The Hill on Bayview. And who could resist?

LiveSite application

LiveSite, NEEZO Studios’ real time 3D real estate sales software, provides sales agents with the necessary tools to present the community from every angle (pun intended!). From a true-to-life 360-degree aerial view of the project to built-in inventory management, from seasonal and daytime cycles to interactive 2D/3D floorplan comparison and so much more, LiveSite truly offers a rich set of features that can engage any sales center or website visitor.

Scale model

Finally, the crown jewel of the sales centre, the spectacular centrepiece, a physical embodiment of the legacy and quality that comes along with the Armour Heights Developments’ name – a detailed scaled replica of one of the stunning contemporary townhome blocks in the community. Although the 3D virtual sales tools (renderings, animations, and an interactive sales application) truly help to bring the community to life, the physical scale model in the middle of the sales center brings forth that automatic WOW factor. With all of the intricate details that went into it, whether it be the rooftop patio furniture, the marble designed floor, or even the individual numbers beside each unit, it’s undeniable that every person who entered the sales center was impressed and wanted to get a closer look.

As a result of the shared effort, the efficiency of working with a one-stop-shop creative studio, and the undeniable appeal of the prestigious new project, Armour Heights Developments was able to close the sales of their Phase One launch in record time!

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