THE AD EXEC: Market calls for a ‘Think Different’ approach

THE AD EXEC: Market calls for a 'Think Different' approach

As advertisers, marketers and builders, we can take a lot from Apple’s direction, especially in today’s new real estate climate.

by Tami Kenwell
Madhouse Advertising

When Steve Jobs and team launched their Think Different advertising campaign, it altered the course of the company’s history forever. The idea behind the line is about change. It’s about looking at things from a different perspective and never being satisfied with the status quo. As advertisers, marketers and builders, we can take a lot from Apple’s direction, especially in today’s new real estate climate. Some would argue that the market is cool across the board, but there are still project launches and locations that are met with pent-up demand and strong sales. That’s why we like to say that the market is simply “different,” and that calls us to be equally different in our thinking and execution.

If we were sitting here two years ago and you wanted to launch a new community, our primary tools to generate a robust database may have been the Big Two — signage and digital. Today, getting your message in front of the right audience requires a more tailored approach.

One of the most fruitful strategies we’re currently implementing is the use of multi-platform campaigns. The old “don’t put your eggs in one basket” adage couldn’t be truer. Some of our most successful launches have been in the last few months, combining signage and digital with targeted direct mailers, event-driven marketing, cross-platform initiatives, radio, TV and magazines, as well as custom broker programs. And based on consumer feedback, it’s definitely working as people are clicking on a much broader mix of marketing platforms when asked where they heard about the project.

Another marketing initiative that’s combatting all those tire kickers and fence sitters is the concept of multiple touch points. We believe that spreading a project’s key messaging over scheduled communications is key to staying top of mind with your hottest prospects. With increased supply, buyers may be content to simply wait for the right opportunity before they pull the trigger. Our email metrics show high prospect engagement with this type of drip model, slowing the revelation of project highlights counting down to launch. As digital marketing is constantly evolving, we’re paying even closer attention to what people really want and creating touch points that are always trackable and measurable.

Apple’s Think Different campaign was launched with their famous commercial titled “To The Crazy Ones.” Before it aired, the agency that created it pitched the original idea to Steve Jobs with a powerful mood video inspired by the song “Crazy” by Seal. After the video played, a series of title cards appeared and I’ll leave you with that:

“There are people who see the world differently. They see things in new ways. They invent, create, imagine. We make tools for these kinds of people. Because while some might see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.”

Tami Kenwell is president of Madhouse Advertising.