Slotegraaf forecasts projects and eliminates the ‘what ifs’



By Richard Kloet, Controller
Slotegraaf Construction

The challenge

Slotegraaf Construction is a custom homebuilder that has served the greater Hamilton, Guelph and Waterloo regions in Ontario for more than 40 years. From creating lavish indoor swimming pools to comfortable outdoor spaces, Slotegraaf renovates, designs, builds and customizes residential homes across Ontario.

With a full-time programmer on staff, Slotegraaf created an in-house software to help manage their people, projects and more. For a few years, this worked. Eventually, Slotegraaf noticed limitations within the software and its struggle to keep pace with the company’s ongoing backlog of work. The company knew its in-house solution wasn’t going to work long-term. Slotegraaf needed to find a platform that created efficiencies and allowed it to move on from its in-house software so it could focus on what it does best – renovating and building custom homes for families to flourish in.

The solution

Slotegraaf first started using Procore for project management and then soon adopted the workforce management solution to help with labour scheduling, rostering and planning. At Slotegraaf, there’s a heavy focus on taking care of its workforce. This focus ensures it has a steady roster with a consistent skillset that provides undeniable service for customers. With strong adoption of the new technology, Slotegraaf can now manage its most important asset – its people – much easier. It has one view where it can see all of its employees at the same time, identify gaps in planning and ensure it can accomplish its labour scheduling mission – to keep everyone on its roster employed all week, every week.

The results

Accurate financial planning

Slotegraaf’s finance group uses Procore. Access to real-time information helps the team in financial planning, developing accurate customer invoices and much more.

Simplified and efficient scheduling

With Procore, the team at Slotegraaf has one view where they can see all of their employees at the same time, identify gaps in planning and ensure they can accomplish their labour scheduling mission.

With the company’s previous in-house software, Slotegraaf had to manually write up time sheets and hand out individually, so workers knew where they were going the next week. Now, the company can send a simple text message to everyone with scheduling for the next week and communicate any mid-week assignment updates through Procore.

To take it one step further, Slotegraaf’s finance group also uses Procore. The cloud-based platform houses real-time information that helps with financial planning, developing accurate customer invoices, creating a quarterly sales forecast and much more. Across the organization, Procore has helped transform Slotegraaf and the way it runs its business. From ensuring accuracy and taking the guessing game out of the equation to creating one source of truth it can lean on, Slotegraaf has successfully adopted new construction technology and has set its business up for success today, tomorrow and beyond.

“Our in-house software couldn’t keep up with our business. Procore helps us stay on top of things, forecast ahead and eliminates the what ifs.”

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