2024 Interior finishes


When it comes to home interior finishes, there’s a rainbow of colourful choices to help light up your customers’ lives. Bright ones. Darker, soothing ones. Decorative wallpaper. Woven carpets, rugs and flooring that will take everything today’s kids and pets can dish out. Let’s take a look at the benefits of some of these new products.

Graham & Brown’s easy way

Wall decorators Graham & Brown have a way to make hanging the company’s wallpapers and murals easy without affecting the finish and quality of the product. It’s called “Paste the Wall” technology.

Instead of applying paste to the paper, you apply it directly to the wall after your sizing layer has dried. This makes it quicker and easier to hang your paper, as the wallpaper is dry when you’re handling it.

Graham & Brown says its wallpaper has a special backing paper, which means it doesn’t expand when wet, so there’s no need to soak it. The paste can go straight on the wall.


Provenza Maxcore Line

Provenza Floors has built its reputation designing unique hardwood products that exceed consumer demands. And they’re handcrafted.

Provenza’s MaxCore flooring features unique patterns make for a real-wood effect that is stylish, highly durable and easy-to-maintain.

Provenza says its MaxCore flooring can stand up to busy households with pets, children and daily traffic.


Emser Rustic Tiles

At Emser Tile, nature and the outdoors inspire Emser designers to design tiles that create a relaxing, eco-friendly retreat for homeowners.

Rustic materials such as wood, stone, pebbles and natural fibres, curved and floral motifs, and the use of colours found in nature are blended to creating a tranquil atmosphere that is warm, inviting and ecofriendly. And Emser tiles are low-maintenance, waterproof, antimicrobial and fire-resistant.


Light up with Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf Elements Hexagons Smarter Kit come with everything you need to create unique lighting designs. Enjoy the sophisticated wood grain veneer while off, or turn it on to illuminate the space with a dynamic glow. Install it anywhere in the home to add elegance. Install on any flat surface.

Adhesive mounting tape included. No additional tools required.


Anderson Tuftex Carpeting

Carpets get walked on every day, so they must be durable enough to withstand anything that comes their way. That’s why durability heads up the list of qualities homeowners want in carpets.

Anderson Tuftex carpets give them what they want. The folks at Anderson construct Tuftex with tightly woven, durable nylon and polyester fibres that have demonstrated they stand up to the test of time.


Newravenna’s tile of dreams

Newravenna is on a mission to bring joyful colour back into the home.
Newravenna took a “giant leap into the unknown,” when it launched Glazed Basalto, the “most colourful of colourful gem tones.”

The company says people approved.

“Not only did they approve, people flocked to the bold hues and colour finally started its seamless glide back into our spaces.”


Daltile DEFENDs

Daltile says DEFEND is a line of high-performance porcelain antimicrobial floor, wall and mosaic tiles, that fights the growth of up to 99 per cent of bacteria on the surface.

DEFEND products are designed to promote cleaner spaces with Daltile’s antimicrobial product, Microban.

Microban delivers a lifetime of cleanliness that does not wash off, wear away, freeze, fade or crack. The result? A surface which is protected, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And it delivers the beauty of stone, wood, fabric or concrete.


End desktop chaos

Poor lighting in a workspace puts strain on the eyes and a tangle of chargers and devices underfoot. The wireless LumiCharge LED Lamp does away with all that. The cordless lamp has adjustable brightness. It comes with a digital clock and temperature display. Goodbye to desktop chaos.


Italgroup recommends tiles for the bedroom

Why? Because they are relaxing and create warm, cosy and natural surfaces. And they make the bedroom a healthy place. The Italgroup says its ceramic tiles are a hostile environment for bacteria, fungi, mould and mites and they do not burn or emit toxic smoke.


Join the Cosentino revolution

Cosentino says its revolutionary technology drastically reduces the crystalline silica in silestone by blending premium minerals with recycled materials. The result is a new product category – Hybriq + Mineral Surfaces. It’s made of 100-per-cent reused water and a minimum of 20 per cent recycled materials.

Cosentino says its new creation is highly resistant to scratches, stains and heat, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. And unlike other materials like granite and marble, Hybriq + Mineral Surfaces don’t need sealing or special maintenance to keep it looking like new.


Hubbell Canada’s Boundary chandelier

This chandelier offers modern design with natural wood. It brings clear illumination to dining rooms and bedrooms. The matte black and roasted chicory finish creat a modern look. The open design delivers plenty of lighting. Uses four, 60-watt base bulbs or the LED equivalent. Includes one six-in., four 12-in. stems and a 90-degree swivel for a variety of mounting types and sloped ceiling.