Tools to help you get the job done faster and safely


DEWALT lets you take your workshop to the work site

DEWALT says the TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 “is built to go from workshop to van to jobsite and anywhere else the job takes you.”

What’s more, it’s portable and proven to last.

The system lets you assemble a wide range of toolboxes, drawers and organizers. The one-touch connect-and-release technology makes it easy to open and close and find what you’re after.

DEWALT says the Tough System can stand up to harsh conditions with its redesigned two-piece metal front latches.

BESSEY’s STE Series holds you up

Bessey’s STE Series of telescopic support rods holds building materials in place, while freeing up your hands to install drywall, wood paneling – virtually anything within the capacity rating of the support.

The STE Series’ load capacity is 350 lbs. at the maximum extension and 770 lbs. when the telescopic support is fully retracted.

The STE Series can be used in spaces as low as 58 in., and as high as 145 in. Simply pump the handle to the final desired height, then twist the handle clockwise to apply the precise pressure required and you’re ready.

Makita lets you breathe easy

Makita’s Auto-Start Wireless System – AWS – helps reduce silica dust even when you’re working away from a power source.

The AWS uses Bluetooth technology for wireless power-on and power-off communication between the tool and the extractor. That means that when your tool starts or stops, so does the AWS. And that means less noise.
“Since it’s cordless, there’s no more grounding issues, no re-plugging the cord, and reduced trip hazards,” the company says.

Press the activation button on the extractor for three seconds until the activation lamp blinks green. Then press the wireless activation button on the tool in the same way.

Now you’re connected. Once your power tool starts, the dust extractor starts automatically.

Wera Tools has the answer in the box

Wera says its Wera2Go toolbox is the answer to your tool-lugging problems. The toolbox’s light weight lets you carry all the tools you need in a compact and comfortable package.

The tough container is moisture proof. The hook and loop fastener system means the Wera2go can attach to other Wera pouches so you can add individual tools for a specific job.

The tough material resists tears.

Skil helps you stay on the level

The SKIL Self-Leveling Green Cross line laser level is a compact tool that makes installing cabinets, trim and chair rails easy. It automatically levels. Its bright green lines offer superior visibility.

The multifunctional clamp can be used on the top or the bottom of the tool for easy positioning on a ladder, table and lots of other surfaces.

When you don’t want your lines to be level or plumb, the tool has a locking mode that lets you position the projected lines at any angle you choose.
Comes with a laser tool, tripod, soft carry bag and a charging cable.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a micro-USB port for charge-and-go convenience, plus LED indicators that show the charge status.

BOLT safety helmets help you keep your head in the game

“The new BOLT Safety Helmets with the Impact Armor Liner delivers the best impact protection,” Milwaukee Tool says.

That includes slip, trip and fall protection and protection from side and top impacts.

The toolmaker says it safety-tested the helmet by simulating a common slip, trip, and fall injury. The helmet passed with flying colours.

The BOLT comes with a comfortable adjustable chin strap, a machine-washable sweat band, chin strap and liner. And a headlamp mount that fits most headlamps for easy, secure attaching.

You can customize the BOLT by adding your company logo.

Festool smooths walls and ceilings

Festool says the PLANEXM’s sanding motion achieves a high surface quality on walls and ceilings.

“The adjustable suction power means that you can sand on walls and ceilings with less fatigue,” Festool says. And its working length of 55 in. (1.4 metres) is ideal for all standard room heights.

The T-handle lets you reach most surface heights while its adjustable suction power helps relieve strain on your arms and back.

With its adjustable suction settings, the PLANEXM holds its own weight on the wall and ceiling.

The result is a near-perfect, smooth surfaces.

You can breathe easy. The PLANEXM offers virtually dust-free sanding.
Comes in a durable bag.

Clear that worksite with a RYOBI

You never know when winter will rear its ugly head again, so prepare yourself with RYOBI’s 40V HP Brushless 22-in. snow blower kit. The battery-powered 40V packs more power than a 243cc gas-powered blower. Running time is 30 minutes. And it’s 44-per-cent quieter than a gas-powered blower.

The powerful motor throws snow up to 45 ft. away. Its 40V 8Ah batteries can clear up to 20 car spaces of snow.

The 22-in. clearing width and 18-in. clearing depth make 40V HP ideal for large sidewalks and driveways.

It features a variable speed, self-propelled drive system that helps finish the job quickly and effortlessly.

The 40V has a variable speed, all-steel auger and 180-degree directional chute to direct snow throwing.