Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Building opportunities

Spurred on by the pandemic, millions of Canadians re-assess their housing needs.

Exit Strategy – Planning ahead for your estate

Write it down: Estate planning is especially important for business owners who may have complicated assets.

Preparing for recovery, reigniting growth

Small- and medium-sized businesses need to build a recovery plan to get back on their feet.

The results are in for the 2020 CHBA homebuyer preference study

The study asks Canadians who have recently purchased a new home to answer questions on more than 50 in-depth areas of home design, building features, community preferences, and more.

Optional incentives – Want to keep your team? Offer employee share...

As a businessowner, you know the value of having a solid team to help drive growth and continued success. How to retain valued employees in today's evolving market is another matter.

The taxman cometh – tax controversies grow in real estate sector

The current environment means an increase in the likelihood of your real estate, development, or construction business being audited.

Smart Solutions: How technology is changing the game for builders

Today, the building industry is changing rapidly with developments in technology in an increasingly digital world.