Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Phew – Toronto concrete noise issue sees a compromise

It's difficult to wait for the fate of an entire industry to be decided by 25 people, but that's exactly what happened at a recent Toronto city council meeting.

THE COUNCIL: George Brown – RESCON program boasts 90 per cent...

Another great crop of graduates from George Brown College's residential construction management certificate program have found their niche and started on their career paths.

THE COUNCIL: Keeping the trades satisfied: Labour crunch leads to survey

Labour crunch leads to survey to learn how to keep construction workers happy on the job.

THE SAFETY PROS : Will legal cannabis threaten workplace safety?

We would be naïve if we thought the use of recreational cannabis was a new issue for the construction industry. READ MORE

THE COUNCIL: Bill 148 and new homebuyers

For hard-working people who have scraped together a downpayment for a new home over the course of many years, Bill 148 is a tough pill to swallow.

THE COUNCIL : Oshawa man is a success story for construction

RESCON needs more building partners for its construction management program at George Brown College. READ MORE

THE COUNCIL : #GimmeRelief so condo dwellers keep choosing transit

Without a Relief Line, Toronto has been encouraging more condo dwellers to get off the subway and back into cars. READ MORE

THE COUNCIL: Construction industry targets red tape

There is no reason why Canada should be ranked 54th out of 190 countries measured by the World Bank for a routine building approval.