The 3 best elements to a real estate marketing website


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In the digital era, you can’t afford for your business not to be on the Internet. As a website design agency in Toronto, we always adapt to meet the new evolutions of internet usage. And for real estate developers looking to stand out with their marketing, developing a user-friendly website is a must. Whether your audience prefers browsing the web on a computer or their smart devices, your website needs to be capable of displaying online content with ease and convenience.

Every business has unique characteristics to consider, so it’s essential to invest in an advertising agency or web development company that can help with your website needs. Here are the three best elements to a real estate marketing website that you need to focus on.

1. Visual elements

With the growing volume of competition out there, you want your website to stand out and capture the attention of your target audience. A stunning visual web design makes this easy.

Of course, a good graphic design studio will tell you it’s about much more than just pretty pictures and excellent visual effects. The visual elements of a real estate marketing website incorporate several crucial pieces into one coherent system. The images, colour scheme, style of the buttons and icons, and even fonts must all be part of that consistent message that you want your brand to communicate.

In short, you must make your website flow. The visual design should tell a story, whether it’s yours or your brand’s, simply by how the website looks. Here is a list of visual design elements to feature on your website.

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2. Technical elements

Outside of design, some technical elements must be considered for your new or existing real estate website. Making your website user- and mobile-friendly is all about maximizing simplicity and convenience for your visitors. It’s all about complimenting your visual aesthetics with a smooth, straightforward and enjoyable user experience.

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3. Content

Content consists of anything in written, visual and audio format. People are more easily convinced by visual information. Share the latest news, market reports, articles or advice. Also, make use of suitable images and professional videos. Another way to share content on your website is to integrate some of your social media platforms. Your visitors will appreciate the value you’re sharing, which will increase the credibility of your company.

You also want to make sure that there are calls to action throughout your website’s content, copy and imagery. No single technique increases contact form submissions or calls as well as a simple call to action.

Start building your online strategy with a professionally developed website

With the above sound, dedicated website features and designs, appropriate indicators and analytics to measure your progress, you can create an online presence that is both powerful and influential.

Steve Krug says, “On the Internet, a competitor is within one click reach. Don’t let your potential customers go to others.”

If you’re looking for a web design company in Toronto that can help you with digital marketing and effective website design, reach out to our experts and strategists. Find out how we can help you on your way to business relevance and success. Unlike most website design agencies in Toronto, we create custom websites designed with you – real estate developers – in mind.

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