Aquor Water Systems’ house hydrants


Stylish, leak-proof and frost-free

Aquor Water Systems’ innovative House Hydrants allow homeowners to access water in style and with ease. Not only are Aquor’s hydrants aesthetically pleasing, they are composed of high-quality materials that are built to last. The hydrants are leak-proof, frost-free, and lay flush against siding.

According to the U.S. EPA, a faucet dripping once per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water annually. Aquor’s hydrant is the first leak-proof outdoor faucet and modernized hose bib introduced into the home building market. Aquor also eliminates concerns about freezing pipes. As soon as the hydrant is disconnected, the outlet automatically seals, drains, and winterizes.

Quick and easy

Unlike the compact threads that can be a pain to use with regular garden hoses, the Aquor hydrant’s connection system is quick and easy. Simply push and twist to engage the hose connector. To disconnect, untwist and the water stops instantly.

As the cost of water rises, homeowners are looking for ways to secure their utilities to prevent theft. Most solutions are basic locks with a physical key, increasing the time and hassle required to access water when needed.

Unplugging an Aquor hydrant provides an instant leak-proof and tamper-resistant fix, with no keys required. Store your hose with the connector attached – you won’t lose the connector unless you misplace your entire hose.

Conventional spigots have a flawed sealing mechanism. The friction of rotating and compressing a rubber washer onto a brass valve seat causes wear, which creates leaks. Aquor’s hydrant uses water pressure to keep its valve closed, rather than a screw-tightened assembly. This valve design seals with the same pressure and motion every time. Unlike a standard hose bib, the hydrant cannot be over-tightened.

Freezing temperatures can cause hose bibs to burst, often resulting in costly damage. In cold regions, homeowners must use shut-off valves, drain each faucet, then cover the spigots with foam. Aquor’s hydrant stops water deep inside the home’s wall for maximum insulation. Traditional spigots are made of brass, a poor insulator – even “frost-free” brass models fail in cold temperatures. Stainless steel has better thermal insulation compared to brass, so the hydrant does not need to be covered, even when temperatures reach -35°C. The hydrant self-drains when unplugged, automatically winterizing.

Virtually indestructible

Typically, brass plumbing fixtures are designed to meet low-cost requirements therefore exhibit basic quality and construction. Every aspect of Aquor’s design was 8 SPRING 2022 taken into account to create the most robust valve possible.

The original concept was engineered for use on marine vessel decks and water tanks, then adapted for homes. The hydrant body is composed of marine-grade 316L stainless steel and is virtually indestructible. The internal seals are Viton®O-rings, commonly used in aerospace and automotive applications, which are renowned for their longevity. Aquor connectors are molded from a high-tech polymer called DuPont Delrin®.

Most spigots are a single unit design, welded shut with no access to the valve seat. Only the handle and the stem can be removed or replaced, and it is impossible to visually inspect the point where it seals. Aquor’s rear valve inlet unscrews from the body, allowing access for maintenance. See the complete range at