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Getting Net Zero Ready

CHBA is leading the country’s charge towards voluntary Net Zero and Net Zero ready housing.

Milestone Builder Group takes top honours

Milestone Builder Group was a five-time finalist and three-time winner at the 2020 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence.

Aging in place with the comforts of home

The baby boomers are getting older. But they don't want to move into seniors' homes. They want to "age in place." Here's what you need to know about one of the biggest trends coming in Canadian homebuilding and renovations.

Creating the greatest outdoors

Your clients want to make the most out of their outdoor living spaces. Here’s how to help them achieve their dreams.

Comfort And Style of Net Zero Homes

These six companies are building high-end, net zero homes across the country.

Smart Home Technology: Automation For The People

How The Internet Of Things Is Changing The Way People Live – And How We Build The Homes They Live In : Part 1