Sunday, September 19, 2021
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An increase in supply is essential to improving the GTA’s rental...

How do we keep Ontario’s young, bright minds from leaving the province if they can’t afford to live here? By increasing rental supply.

ADHOC founder Tim Ng talks design, technology and the future of...

Since launching in 2008, AdHoc has gained a reputation for turning out spectacular images. Founder Tim Ng talks about the start of the studio and the future of the industry.

This one-stop Toronto studio is taking The PropTech industry by storm

The first true one-stop creative studio of its kind, NEEZO Studios is taking the PropTech and real estate marketing industries by storm.

New Ontario Home Builders’ Code of Ethics

The Home Construction Regulatory Authority has a new hammer to discipline builders for breaching the Code of Ethics.

Four ingredients for pre-construction sales success

With the ever-increasing sales pace and highly competitive product offerings, developers looking for new ways to impress potential buyers should pay attention to four key ingredients.

RESCON develops vaccine guidance sheet to help workers find where to...

A healthy residential construction industry is critical to our economic recovery, and a well-planned and diligent vaccination program will help us get there.

Cost escalation clauses – the last pass through to buyers of...

The massive price increases builders have seen over the last two years are causing some to consider ways to recover these costs – and it’s not always pretty.

All levels of government responsible for the artificially high cost of...

Governments are the single largest contributors to the artificially high cost of homes in Canada’s big cities. It’s time to speak out, and it’s time for reform.

Homebuilding lessons from the top

Builder Bites spoke to a number of CEO -evel executives for their thoughts, and what they learned – about the industry, consumers or homebuilding – that they can share with other builders and developers.

Real estate: How brand positioning can maximize ad performance

Making your project resonate, attract qualified leads, create demand and boost sales will help you come out a cut above the rest. Here are some strategies to help you get there.