Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Meet Giraff – construction management made easy

It's a new, streamlined construction management app designed specifically for builders, to save them time and money.

5 social media mistakes you might still be making in 2021

If you're not using social media strategically, you won't see effective results.

The GTA has a housing supply problem. Here’s how we can...

The consumer extrapolates that prices will continue to rise, and reacts by jumping into the market. Demand quickly exceeds supply; prices rise exponentially and this consumer expectation ferments speculation… and a bubble begins to form.

Unavoidable delay – pandemic and illegal strikes. What’s next?

The residential building industry has been severely challenged this year with an array of major issues.

Canada-wide survey reveals how homebuyers research new homes before purchase

The pandemic has dramatically shifted the paradigm of the homebuying process. With sales centres closed, potential buyers now have to rely on other methods when researching and making their decision.

Branding through understanding

People love their brands. For some, it's a status symbol like flexing an expensive watch or sports car. There are value brands, lifestyle brands, subculture brands and each one caters to a highly targeted demographic.

Public relations – often misunderstood and under appreciated

Public relations is a critical yet often overlooked function in organizations, probably because it often the most misunderstood function among C-suite executives.

In praise of modular construction

As we look for ways to pick up the pace of new home construction in the GTA, modular and prefabricated housing are an important start to solving the supply problem.

Everything you need to know about ordering a scale model

A free guide for builders, developers and architects

Blackline keeps getting better

From initial presentations, to unit allocation, analytics, and even closing the sale, Blackline does it all.