Monday, October 2, 2023
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Pitfalls of early termination conditions – and how to avoid them

Two recent court decisions have rekindled the focus on the hot real estate marketplace and escalating costs

Cost escalation clauses – the last pass through to buyers of...

The massive price increases builders have seen over the last two years are causing some to consider ways to recover these costs – and it’s not always pretty.

Unavoidable delay – pandemic and illegal strikes. What’s next?

The residential building industry has been severely challenged this year with an array of major issues.

Tarion and HCRA – the new Batman and Robin regulators of...

Feb. 1, 2021 saw the dawn of a new regime for homebuilding regulation in Ontario.

Exculpatory clause protects developers from claims when cancelling condo projects

Condo cancellations are an unfortunate event no developer wants to endure. But with exculpatory clauses in your purchase agreements, you can help reduce damage claims.

Latest CMHC actions hit homebuyers when they’re down

No matter how well intended, CMHC's latest round of changes to mortgage regulations make it more difficult for Canadian homebuyers – particularly first-timers.

Troubles continue at Tarion Warranty Corp.

Tarion Warranty Corp. has long been a whipping boy for governments and consumers whenever a new-home building issue arises. Reforms may be needed, but are recent changes the right answer – for anyone?

Seeing red over traffic light system for Toronto developers

The red light-green light traffic light system for approvals recently imposed by three City of Toronto councillors is inappropriate, disrespectful of the legal system and not worthy of their public office. Here's why.

12 Changes that will increase housing supply in Ontario

May 2, 2019 was a milestone occasion for the real estate development industry, homebuyers and renters in Ontario. Why? Let us count the ways – all 12 of them. READ MORE

The Lawyer: The strikes are coming, the strikes are coming

I am sure everyone vividly remembers the chaos that the residential building industry went through in 2016. I’ve been working with OHBA and Tarion to avoid a repeat of the confusion. READ MORE